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Risk Management

Security is our priority

Our Risk Management team ensures the internal assurance of the company's business activities in the area of risk management, i.e. credit, operational and market risks, financial area and regulatory risk (Compliance). This team sets, for example, limits and metrics for trading, monitors trading activities, processes reports and actively manages exposures.

It also deals with financial security on stock exchanges and the size of the FX open position. Furthermore, it monitors the company’s compliance with obligations stemming from generally binding regulations and legislations.


Trading operations

The Trading Operations department is responsible for business activities in the area of support, software, and IT. It is divided into the following departments: Back Office, Trading System Operations, Business Operations and Business Intelligence.

Each of these departments is in charge of its own agenda.

Back office

Back office is responsible for contract management, registration of emission allowances, transactions confirmation, scheduling and also documents for invoicing.

Trading system operations

This department designs, maintains, and develops software tools to support the company business activities.

Business operations

Business operations department provides direct support to other key business departments, ensures processing of their user requirements, analyses and designs business processes and ensures their implementation.

Business intelligence

The department of business intelligence designs, creates, and ensures the operation of the company key management reports.